One more go, just one more is going to be the catch line as the Red ball must be saved at any cost! It’s not gonna stop rolling so the platform game is going to come crashing down unless you utilize your ‘Power Jumps’ and ‘Power Rolls’.



Simple tap & swipe controls.

Time your jumps with sharp reflexes and finger swipes and prevent from falling off the platforms.

What do people say (App Store reviews):
“It’s a great ‘pick up and play’ sort of game”
“This game is well done and addictive”
“This is insanely addictive game! Amazing graphics and very easy to play”
“This game is going to occupy my time in between meetings”


● Timeless and madly addictive game play.
● For everyone, if you like fun that is.
● Optimized for retina display on iPhone 4, 4S.
● Let music from your own music library inspire you to new heights.
● Game Center.
● Post your score to Facebook and Twitter.

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