So somebody was asking me…

I’ve been approached in person by several people asking me what the (first) game under development was like?

Well… I replied with ‘You know this game and that game?…Similar’. Unfortunately, I cannot give a lot of detail especially through the online medium if I want to keep my idea somewhat unique with its own identity.

By early December the game is scheduled for Apple’s review/approval before its release at the App Store. The game is code-named ‘r.b.j.’ – initials for the official name.

I can say it is a casual game, jumping over platforms with a twist making this a fun game to play. Friends who played it wanted to keep playing. Visual clue? See the banner image.

Yes – there are countless games of that genre, but overall they are a copy of each other. This is not what I’m after. In my first blog post I wrote “Enjoying many games I kept looking for that one game”. I believe this is one of them.

The game is about to be released to beta testers who provide technical feedback and creative input which help shaping the final form of the game.

I have already compiled a list of games (and apps) I intend to bring to the App Store in 2012 – exciting.





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  1. Rotem Levi 11/05/2011, 4:03 am Reply

    Wow that made me curious!!! :)

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